Time Heals, The Myth

We have all heard the saying that time heals all wounds, but really it’s not time that heals.  What heals is what we do with the time left in our lives after we have gotten hit by life’s challanges etc…  

Time is a gift and how we use it is what makes the difference between healing on any level and staying stuck in that moment of pain etc..  If I choose to curl up and give up on everything and stay in that pain, or if I see vengeance as a way to alleviate the situation, well then I am not even moving towards any resolution.  Ignoring pain etc.. or trying to self medicate as some do is not the answer.  Ignoring the shadow self, the doubts of faith etc.., negative emotions one might be feeling, not healthy.  There is always a way to move through the pain, anger etc.. that is constructive not only to you, but to the community at large and the key is figuring out what that is, through prayer and contemplation, talking to people who can give sound advice and won’t egg on vengeance and all that crap.   If we have frustration, anger, write letters to yourself, the people, then burn them, get it out, start taking brisk walks or even contemplative walks in nature and let nature sooth the savage beast. Life is about choice, about how we respond to life’s events and to relationships, so I hope that when we have situations that challenge us we find ways to move through them with dignity, with reason, even as we acknowledge the emotions.