Timing, Rhyme, Reason and Season



Timing, Rhyme, Reason and Season

One of my favorite parts of the bible is the poem in Ecclesiastes and as I now reach out to realize what is dear to my heart and literally feel walls that I could literally feel there before, spiritually and on many levels, gone, I realize the importance of timing, divine timing.  

I started this journey as an artist, intuitive, and hypersensitive the moment I was born and yet coming into my own, really owning it all, and accepting fully that this is who I am and being able to put myself in a position to say okay I am going to put myself out there and that means potentially the spotlight, raw and accept that I love just as raw and all that entails is something I am just now able to embrace and fully own.  Elohim in his wisdom understood this far more than I could during all these years, so my unanswered prayers haven’t been unanswered really, just prayers in the making, in the molding.  

The journey is one where I was rebellious, stubborn as all hell, deviated from my true artist calling every which way, didn’t know how to handle being an intuitive hypersensitive and also loving as raw and totally as I do, or total in my head, haven’t a clue about anything else academic. Certainly had conflicting feelings about the spotlight.  While I wanted to be a f/t independent singer/songwriter and also would have loved to be a photographer, the idea of spotlight, dealing with the public on a daily basis, was not a comforting thought, so I went around in circles.  

Now that I am fully ready to take full ownership for my life, every choice, decision, and all that comes with it, no one else responsible but me whether I listen to the divine or not, love fully and wisely or not etc… I can truly be an artist, but without having to lose my soul.  I can be a holistic in Christ, Trinity believing, Holistic Metaphysical Ecumenical Christian with a great respect and love of the two cultures I love Jewish and Roman Catholic, with 100% loyalty to Israel and of course the nation of my birth, the USA as well.  I can be totally me. 

If Elohim had given me a career path in the arts formally and officially in any way prior to now, it would have resulted in disaster because I was not ready to embrace it truly and with a clear and precise knowledge of me and who me is within a Biblical, God’s holistic Word context. The wisdom of the creator is truly awesome.   To all he does, allows etc.. there is timing etc…, even if we may not now understand it.

Shalom and Amen