Tired, Ready to Quit?

Don't Quit



It’s been a long and winding road and I have had faith that upon finding my true path, calling life would turn around, I could say goodbye to all reliance on government, once and for all, I could see an abundant life, not only financially, but in every way.  The fibromyalgia, however, pushing through it day after day has temporarily worn me out, so where I don’t write songs anymore, though I did have an inspiration for a poem, which I recently recorded and posted on soundcloud.  As I read this poem I came across, it resonated with me.  I am promoting the blog, the upcoming webinar, doing my best to change my life, my financial picture, yet no changes, so it would seem.  That is not entire true, not really.  I’ve made the decision to change my path of wellness, will be discussing this with my doctor, seeing about going to homeopathic remedies.  I am determined to be proactive, so I looked up gym and spa membership near me, found two potential candidates.  I will check both out, see the vibes I get and start on the path to change because for anything to change, I need to first make changes within my own self and lifestyle.  Quitting, saying I am tired and just giving up would be the easy way to go, but then Fibromyalgia and the Devil would win, something I refuse to allow.  Is quitting and option?  No, no it is not.  That’s not to say I won’t take it easy on the exercise understanding the limits of Fibromyalgia, but quitting is not n option.