Too Much Positive?

Can there be too much positive?  Well yeah, just like too much pessimism, too much ice cream.  How do you know when positive is toxic positive?  I found a great article that talks about this.

Much of my life I tried to build things based on just being positive, on blind faith in myself, in my being in absolute control of it all, in my abilities, force of character, as if I had given myself those talents gifts.  Not very realistic, not very humble.  I can be grateful for my talents, appreciate what they can do for society, but I have to always remember where they came from.    I fought to do it my way, have it my way and force God to bow to my plans, my wishes etc… and have things as I want every which way I wanted.   Even if it landed landed me in financial loss, toxic emotions, relationships.  That was then, this is now, and now there is a realization etc.. of how I have to balance faith, being positive with moving in God’s plan not mine and in realism, which is not fun, a lot of the times.  Even emails I get regularly from an industry producer of music, tell me to not rely on positive feeling, but on other factors.  It’s not that I don’t get that there are valleys and hills, but if I am moving in line with God’s plan, here will be more green valleys, fewer tall hills hard to climb etc..  Now with my artistic work, I post it, promote it and then forget, no agendas, no written in stone outcomes.  Yes I have a general plan, which only need be one page of your overall plan.  Then once you have that, Vision, Mission, overall goals 3-5, you can then create faith based affirmations, spiritual affirmations that say to God, you have this and however it goes down, unfolds etc…I’m okay with it.  You can then create affirmations such as I succeed to the fullest of my potential in line with the Divine Plan for me and my life.  My success is the field/s of ____, and in all things I make a great positive impact.  My recovering from this partial hysterectomy has given me time to think, reflect and have greater understanding.  Now, I don’t get caught in the trap of: must have,  it must be this way, happen this way, must achieve this this way..  Now I don’t have stress, anguish, let downs because however God plays it out is fine with me.  That truly is a blessing and a leap in spiritual maturity.

Namste, Shalom and Amen