Touched My Heart

Music as Prayer


Inspiration Peace and Love

As I listen to this piece I can close my eyes and go to a place that opens my heart, opens memories of a park, laughter, so much beauty.  I can take a time to leave the concerns of the day and connect to something larger than me, than the worries of day to day life, to find a space of peace, comfort and a love that is not like anything earthly.  I can revel in it, and let it wrap its’ arms around me.  

It might be that some stuff comes up that is not so happy, some nostalgia, but that is okay. I can revisit the past, give thanks for the lessons it taught me, ask it be wiped away, along with any pain, tears etc.. connected to it, that any negative patterns taken on from that I be released from.  Yes, music is music, song is song, but it can also be a prayer, a beautiful prayer, an internal dialogue that we offer to the creator, of thanks, of hope, of promise.  May music, song, prayer always be with us, music and song that is inspiring and constructive, not destructive.