Tough Love, OY!

lonely evneing road

As I stand firm in my objection to the immigrant caravans and all that, some would say I am being heartless, how can I turn away people in need.  One is supposed to love unconditionally, right? Well, yes and no.  If I love my fellow man, my family, friends, then I am going to want that is best for them and I am going to hold them accountable for their actions, no matter how much I empathize with their plight.  When these migrants come with their children or send their children off with a practical stranger, even their teens, putting them at risk of death and God knows what other dangers, I am going to call them out for irresponsible parenting.   I am going to call out those who claim to be social justice warriors and who are aiding in this trafficking of human beings, the politicians who have not had the guts to radically reform our immigration system because businesses want to exploit cheap labour and the consumers want cheap goods.  To blame the government for enforcing laws and borders, national sovereignty is insane, to blame the government when a child dies in border patrol custody in the middle of the desert, after you the parent took this child on this dangerous journey is also insane.  The organizers of the caravans must take responsibility for encouraging these dangerous treks, migrant parents must take responsibility for the rape, death of their children, as they took them on this perilous journey or sent them on it in the hands of unscrupulous people. Then there are the government officials of those countries, what have they done? Why have they not taken responsibility to create strong democratic, capitalist republics free of violence and gangs, where their people can prosper?  

If I truly love my fellow man and am truly Christian, truly seek social justice and Biblical truth then I won’t support anything that is in violation of the law, and I won’t support anything that puts my fellow man in danger, especially children, such as these dangerous caravans, these dangerous treks, or easy to cross borders that allows for the trafficking of drugs.  Love is not always about saying yes, love is also about saying NO.  It is about saying I won’t support your actions, you endangering others, your own children.  It may seem like I am being harsh and uncaring, but I am not, as a matter of fact, I am loving enough to say “NO MORE, ENOUGH”  I am saying NO to any activity that puts people in danger on both sides of the border. Sometimes, even if unpopular and even if it seems like you are being harsh, you have to love enough to say “NO, NO MORE, ENOUGH!”.

Shalom and Amen