Traded Me In

Traded me In

The 6 pm Univision nightly news had a poll asking viewers did they feel the spirit of Christmas and the response was sad to behold because I believe about 55% said no they didn’t.  When I read this poem and thought about the fact that I had been running around for medical tests and have a medical medical scheduled day after Christmas, no choice otherwise have to wait until March and I really can’t, I realized I have not really had the Christmas spirit either.  Last year I was not well, neither was mom so also wasn’t really in much of a Christmas mood.  I used to go go to the St Paul’s Christmas Carol event and go to the Union Square Christmas Market, the stores to see their displays, used to go to the different church events leading up to Christmas, really embracing the reflection of the gift that is Christ.  I realize God must be looking down saying “what happened?”  “When did you forget the gift of life and salvation I gave you?”  “Did you forget to have joy, the joy of the season?”  I guess I have to sadly say “yes” I have not taken the time to truly reflect on the meaning of the season the past two, three years as I should.  It’s been hard this year with all the medical stuff going on, but it’s precisely now that I need to reflect on the great love and sacrifice made for me, the power of His death and resurrection.  Though I won’t be able to partake of all the festive goodies this season, I will still have the greatest treat, gift there is, the love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, their support, and people in my life who love me.   

Shalom and Amen