Tranformational Power of Art

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Transformational Power of Art

Often times when we have situations that have us bound in anger, bitterness, confusion, emotional, or such kinds of prisons, we may not have an outlet for expressing it or even letting that go that is constructive, much less realizing or understanding what is going on.  If we don’t, things can get destructive and/or self-destructive. Especially if one can’t or doesn’t know how to express these feelings of anger etc… That’s where the arts can be of great help.

The arts are cathartic for the artist often time who creates the works and expresses their emotions etc… through those pieces, and that allows for a constructive release, or even a performing artist who can release through playing that role some of their own “demons”.  The works are also cathartic, can be for the listeners and viewers, including music, especially music, poetry even.  Remember, the universe is basically energy and vibration, so certain energies, and vibrations, words etc…will resonate with us and bread down walls to help us release whatever we require to release so we can move on, confront painful truths etc… whatever needs to happen.  When we need to cry, or feel good we often turn to music, or will go see an art exhibit, something art related, do dancing.  Studies have shown for example that using music in therapy produces real results such as elevated mood, increased socialization and appetite and reduction in agitation. It’s a sort of “cognitive workout” inspiring us to coin the phrase, “What exercise is to the body, music is to the brain.” The power of music often inspires physical movement and can be used in combination to encourage gentle exercise, according to an article by By Steve Toll and Linda Bareham.  Paintings can be a great source of calm and tranquility, just sitting in front of beautiful art, even God’s art, nature with quiet around us can be very calming, and if we are listening to meditation, even more so, or beautiful soothing music.

Music can sooth the savage beast they say, and it can, see the arts is a universal tool that when rightly used, in holistic sacred context can bring healing to entire communities and there have been peace projects that have used the arts to bring factions together, groups together to help them overcome distrust, fear and hatred of each other, and change their mindset, bridge gaps, so the arts can be cathartic, not only for individuals, but also for entire communities, and as artists, we should always keep in mind when we create art that we have this potential.

Shalom and Amen