True Reform Requires …..

It requires what won’t likely happen with immediate Convention of States and immediate revolution, non violent of course. True change as necessary requires a few things by we the people and that includes a revolution of a political kind unlike any we have had. It is one that people will likely feel scared about initially, but may be the only way.
We would have to do is understand and embrace an originalist Constitutional First Principles True Capitalist Democratic Republic, also as put forth in the Federalist Papers, by the Connecticut Plan that gave us the Constitution end all party, lobbyist and union affiliations, walk away leave them all in the dust literally, and our only allegiance be the Constitution according to the originalist etc… vision of the Framers. Why?
The problem mainly is the lobbyists and unions who in cahoots with the career and beltway politicians hold the nation in a sense hostage, don’t allow for a true free market, insurance across state lines etc… or even true immigration reform, not even the legal process of immigration to be reformed. Even the issue of government and marriage is dominated by lobbyists. The only business the government has in defining that is that it is a legal contract between two consenting adults of sound mind 18 and older. Beyond that it is up to the faith institutions. No court, no government entity has any right or business getting involved. Same with healthcare, mandating and all that crap, not government’s job. If there were no parties that had lobbyists filling their coffers, then no special interests, insurance across state lines, insurance cooperatives etc… and costs would be low. Because you have lobbyists and insurance conglomerates along with the chamber of commerce donating big to the parties, that does not happen. Immigration, we could very likely have a very efficient system, end all sanctuary cities in a heartbeat etc…, but cheap labor, that is too good to give up, so the lobbyists for businesses pressure the parties and candidates not to reform, to pretend to reform, but nothing gets really reformed.
If we want a real true opportunity for all Democratic Republic and don’t be dumb enough to want direct democracy because with humans not possible, let’s be realistic. If we want a true Democratic Republic then we have to have true Capitalism, that means we have to get rid of 90% of the bureaucracy and that means political parties and their chokehold on everything. We have to get rid of the unions that are in cahoots with the insurance companies and I don’t see them fighting for a true capitalist, major immigration overhaul that enforces legal immigration etc.. Why? Then where would they be? They would lose a lot of their members because when members realized that a lot of their funds are not used for member care, but Democratic Party or Republican Party Lobbying, membership would be lost, a portion of it. Basically, we have to start from scratch in a sense, scary I know, but necessary. Loyalty to strictly the Constitution, Bill or Rights and separation of powers of the branches, no exceptions unless war were declared upon us directly and executive order required by the President, no other option.
Unless we have a revolution, of some kind and we stop going by Party Loyalty and go by Constitutional Federalist Democratic Republic Loyalty this nation is screwed royalty and unless we end the Liberal Progressive induced divisions of race etc.. fostered upon society we are also screwed.