True Strength

When we think of strength we usually think of physical strength, or some such thing.  Yet if we were to examine this, physical strength is one aspect of what we can call strong.  Then there is the stoic strength when things are seeming rather stormy and you have to stand strong and be the rock for the others.  That is another kind of strength, which in times of storms is needed, this rock, anchor person that holds it together.  There is also the strength of letting to, of forgiving and that kind of strength can be a bit harder to muster up.  This letting go is not only letting go of resentment etc.. in regards to others, but also ourselves.  There is great strength in forgiving one’s self and looking to the future rather than being controlled by the past.  If we can find constructive ways to let of of any resentment, anger etc.. towards ourselves then we have most likely shown the greatest strength of all..  There are relationship choices that I made, and manner in which I handled that which I still haven’t fully forgiven myself for because it messed with me on so many levels.  I ma getting there, to full self forgiveness.  Funny thing is I have been able to forgive others a lot more quickly and easily than I have myself.  Part of my spiritual journey is not only finding my place and truth fully, but also in fully frogiving myself.  I have scripture, meditation and such tools to help me, as well as good friends who encourage me.  It may take a bit longer, but i will fully heal and fully forgive myself.  That is promise I have made to myself and I intend to keep it.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen