Trust, but Verify, Not So Simple


Instagram, and whatever the latest platform is an be treat tools for promotion.  However, they are also traps, and it can be tricky to navigate.  What makes it tricky?

In the age of google images and other places where you can get images to use, people can purchase or get for free images of persons o distinction, of celebrity rank.  One group of people often targeted by scammers in using their identity, information to prowl for and catfish for women or for men is the military and law enforcement.  You would think people would be more respectful of these two groups, but no.  How do you figure out if the person of high rank military, or celebrity is legit?  First of all do your research.  If the person the scammer uses is military of high rank, unless they are sent on some covert mission top secret, if they are doing anything high profile in DC or at any of the cadet academies etc.. if put in the name of the person and the date, you can see what shows up online.  If they say they are in the Middle East, or some far off place, but there is an article about them presenting a speech at a military graduation, or something of that nature, well guess you are talking to a scammer.  If the person even celebrity has always been a person of true integrity, ethics etc…with a very strong faith, real strong orthodox Christian etc.. faith,  they connect with you, saying you were one of the suggested friends, say they are separated etc..start whispering sweet nothings, I’d say you have a problem there.  If the person is decorated military, law enforcement, comes from a tradition of that in the family, honorable history, strong faith family etc…, that sense of honor and integrity is ingrained in them.  Does it seem plausible that they would see to start an affair via internet without being formally free of the first union?  If they constantly find excuses to not video chat etc.., or when they do they always do so in the dark, so you can’t really see them clearly, have a hat on half covering their face and if you ask them to take it off they have an excuse each time, hmmmm not good.  If you have someone who is open to and even suggests, let’s video chat, after you have spoken online for  a bit of time, they send you videos, and you video chat, it’s in the day time where you can clearly see their face etc.., surroundings, then good signs.  In the digital age, we need to be not paranoid, but cautious, as I am having to be with my own internet journey.