Trust In …..?

Parenting is a tough job, often not appreciated at all, or if there is appreciation, it’s in spurts.  Then you have the added layers of all the stuff youth is exposed to, and all the subjective, do as you please and let everyone do as they please, so long as you have happy happy happy, morality philosophy you are hit with.  So as a parent, how do figure it all out, how many books to do read, what books do you read? For all those books, etc.., and there are great resources which I will share with you, inner discernment, in connection with the divine realm of the heavens, not referring to religion per say, referring to a connection, within to the force of creation that created this amazing universe and all life, that initiated the whole big bang shabang process. That amazing Source, which I will refer to as Hashem.  Often parents, people will wait for a crisis to pray, meditate, reflect, try to connect to Source, Hashem, but what if one didn’t wait, what if in parenting and in all things, one made this connection upon waking up for guidance in parenting, everything, middle of the day for whatever glitches need handling and the end of the day for de-stressing and a good night sleep?  Just saying.  Parents can get bombarded with so much unsolicited advice, and get really confused, in addition to this concern about their kids hating them etc.., well newsflash, there will times when your kids think they “hate you”, suck it up, part of parenting.  When that happens, breathe, focus on breathing and connecting to Source, Divine Wisdom and say something like “okay, your free will honey, but what I said stands” and be a parent of your word, never be held hostage by or manipulated by your kids, that’s paramount.  Trust Source of All Creation, clear objective moral ethical integrity boundaries and I will be doing a series of The 22 Spiritual Laws for Living Life soon and delve more into this.  You can apply these to all aspects of life, we all can.  For now, I am including a link to a meditation for clarity, it’s a short one.  I am going to be creating a longer one as soon as I have a chance.  My allergies have left my voice rather off kilter and to record meditations, my vocals need to be in optimum form, so as soon as I can I will be recording meditations new for you and posting them.