Turtle or Cheetah?

The Journey That is Life.

When we have a strong intuitive knowledge of things, and even if we just have our heart to go on, are we going to move like turtles or cougars to realize our dreams?  

I know the saying about slow and steady wins the race, but not always and if you are too much of a turtle, to insecure, scared to speak your heart, shatter glass and move outside the box of your usual box, then you risk atrophy, you also risk losing opportunities.  Remember also that the early bird catches the word and if you snooze, you lose.  That is often very true in terms of vocation and relationships that if you wait for every i to be dotted and t to be crossed perfectly, for the perfect scenario, or “the perfect storm”, you will lose and another will gain.  Does that mean you just run headlong into traffic like a blind cheetah?  No, but you need to really find the courage in life to pursue that which you truly feel with all your heart body and soul to a great extent has great potential.  I see great potential in my doing spoken word, performance poetry, and coaching, so I have to really look at how I can maximize the potential for moving that forward in as short a time as possible, not just think, think and think about it, not act.  I also see a lot of potential for a particular creative connection and seed of a friendship planted, but in this case all I can do is be supportive and meditate for now that the full potential come to fruition, that the other person sees the same potential I do and decides to make some solid movement to move forward to nurture the seed.  I am ready whenever they are, heart and friendship on my sleeve.  Where it would go over time, what direction it would take, who knows, but I am willing to find out.  The same goes with my artistic works, and my path in judaism.  I really don’t know where they will take me, but I hope they take me out of the box, growing, learning and being a better person.  I am putting myself wholeheartedly into my faith journey, into this chosen artistic path, and should a real fire be lit under this friendship, this person move forward I will totally embrace what comes with that.  I have tended in life to be a cheetah moving forward quickly when I was given an inspiration etc…, sometimes maybe too quickly, but I would rather have moved too quickly on things than taken forever to move on things.  

In the end one needs to find that balance between too slow and you lose opportunities and too fast you run headlong into traffic.  I am certain that too slow and not finding the courage to move ahead, to express ones heart including concerns is not a good thing.  Again, it means potentially losing opportunity, and same with career, vocation, moving too slow, refusing to change and get out of the box, leave the old behind could mean atrophy in more ways than one.   I always hope I will wear my heart on my sleeves, and prayerfully move at a speed that is between the turtle and the cheetah, but never ever too slow.  May I always see the potential in situation, relationships and not be afraid to move forward in that moment, especially when there is an instant connection at a psychic level.  That is a beautiful thing, even in a friendship.  May we always do so prayerfully.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen