Twinflame Soulmate Who Is He?


As the childhood baggage and all that has been released, I am ready now to come together in unity with my twinflame soulmate.  What does that look life, what is he like?  I didn’t really have a clear sense of that before, but I do now.  For each of us it is different.

Let me start with the relationship it self.  This is my snapshop vision for it, one that is life long, loyal, faithful and true. The relationship is one where there is of course that spark, but it is not one that creates agitation. It is a connection that is exciting but also very natural, organic, stable, secure, all those things as well.  It is one where we fully can appreciate each other for who we are, our gifts, talents and we share a creative side, encourage it in each other, have a similar path we share in that regard.  There is common ground in that sense.  There is also common ground culturaly and faith wise, with a great appreciation for the Italian-American and Christian, Catholic faith, all it has contributed to society.  We enjoy a lot of the same things, and love being in each other’s company, sharing different things, exploring different things.  There is also enough trust that we can offer each other constructive criticism, always one of loyalty and faithfulness as well.   What of the person?  Culturally and faith wise, would be nice to have the common ground.  Then there is the artistic of course, being able to collaborate artistically would be a huge bonus, and read poetry to each other on a cold winter’s night in front of the fire, sing to each other.  In the summer, be on the porch or somewhere outside under the shade, reading poetry to each other including poetry we have written.  Both of us have of course released baggage from our past, most of it anyway, so we have a very healthy interaction and one I like to classify as sweet, sexy, sugar and spice most divine.  There is beauty, kindness, lots of really good stuff, and even within any rough patches we have each other’s back always.

Often a twinflame soulmate will come into one’s life after a loss, after the loss of a long time union, which may seem odd, but is not because that other union had a lot to teach us and we had a lot of growing to do to be ready for our truest twinflame soulmate.  Also when you connect to a true twinflame soulmate at the time you are ready, it flows very naturally, so you are not feeling like you have to pull teeth to connect, very flowing, like a stream, flows.  Through this relationship we see things in our own lives with greater clarity, it helps us to gain clarity and focus about ourselves and lives, very naturally.  Initially, you may still have some fears, but once you push past them, and let each other get caught by the other and embrace the other, put aside the ego, the fears all of that, great stuff can happen, great stuff.  I am realizing that now, that I am ready for that, for that full embrace.  Twinflame soulmates also challenge each other, not in a mean way or to be better than the other, but to bring out the best in the other, to bring out each other’s best, their gifts, talents, purpose in life, which can turn out to be one and the same.  They then become as one, as I spoke of in the previous post about the Aspen trees, same root, all that. When that Oneness, still keeping the authentic self in tact happens, I can only imagine WOW!  I look forward to uniting with my Twinflame Soulmate and I his in this lifetime, soon I hope.