Two Strong Connections, One Me

Twin Flame Connections Are Haunting and Amazing

Two strong connections, two strong cords.  One long past, yet because they still have you in their heart etc…you are still corded to them, through your gifts. the other present, yet not quite present, vague, lacking total presence in your life holding back, ruled by base instincts of fear and one or two others as well.  

Yet you know as an empath, intuitive both cords strong, both see you as the the one waiting at the end of run with open arms to share their new life with you, so what do you do?  There is only one you, and barring cloning or all becoming polygamist Mormon, you being the one with the two partners, which is not happening, what do you do?  If you are very caring of heart etc… you want both men to have freedom from what no longer works for them, from their prisons, shackles, all things that they are seeking freedom from.  You care enough to want all of you to have a brilliant life, an amazing life and you don’t want for anyone to be hurt.  If you sense in your soul the phrase that one is fate the other choice, then what?  You can meditate that only your fate come forward, or that only your choice come forward, you can do nothing and hope it all kinda works out, whatever and if they show up at the same time, well, make a choice that hurts someone, even if it breaks your heart.  As empath, intuitive, you want everyone to be okay, and to get to a place of everyone being at peace.    One can meditate on the most compatible in terms of worldview, and other factors be given a super duper dose of courage, a  miracle sort out their disentanglement from the former life and set them free speedy breezy and if the other shows up well sorry, I am already with my soulmate, but I’ll pray for ya.  Then there is the least stressful perhaps to meditate on and put out into the universe, which is ” the most courageous, the one with guts, first come first serve, the other who doesn’t show up speedy brezzy to claim the prize, ooops you loose and don’t even show up.”   It’s also hard when there is really only maybe one factor that makes you hesitant about one of the candidates, which is their liberal progressive worldview and about the other, this attitude of ambivalence they seem to have, inability to have communication flow with you, open up their heart completely, being almost as if they were a clam, all closed up that you feel you have to pry open to get any communication or move forward from.  

Which option will I choose? First come first serve, I will wait for no one.  The connection that comes forward first to allow me to be their rock, their BFF, and allow me into their day to day life, that is who will get to keep the key to my heart long term.  Time is fleeting and I have no intention of waiting around for anyone, so first come, first gets the key to my heart and gets to keep it long term.