Unauthentic Liberal, My Biggest Mistake

Thank You Lord.jpg

I spend a good part of my life fearing religion, commitment and other key things in life.  I spent a portions of my life trying to show joy of life by way of “do as you please, just make yourself happy, let spiritual truth be whatever makes that possible.”  Here is the problem, it made for some lousy choices that really hurt me, hurt others.  The choices themselves don’t matter, the specifics don’t matter, but what does matter is that I woke up and I grew up. 

I realized that the do as you please, try to prove something to others, fit in with those that had that attitude was actually harming me, causing lousy decisions to be made because when the focus is on you simply in the physical world and form, what your pleasures are etc…, when you don’t see the greater picture and I don’t mean liberal progressive One World Order view, no way, then you won’t make right and righteous decisions because you won’t care who gets hurt in the process of you doing as you please, having whatever pleasure you please, molding God to fit what you want, and to society’s wants etc.. rather than the other way around.  Once I realized this, I was able to get focus, real and right focus, after I recognized the error of my ways, was truly sorrowful, then I could change course, with some solid praher, meditation and guidance. It has been a long journey, and I am still on it, but I have realized I was truly a conservative trying to be a liberal, and that the liberal progressive worldview was a detrimental one along with radical modern feminism that says it empowers women, but empowers them to what? What does it empower them to, what detrimental lifestyle does it empower them to?  What detrimental relationship between men and women does it empower them to?  None of the answers are good ones for anyone, same with the liberal progressive worldview itself.  I have concluded it makes people victims of something or others, preys on the victim role to control the masses, to enslave people in different ways.  I’ve realized true Conservatism on the other hand can and does liberate and it’s a beautiful thing because when you have self respect, self dignity, and all that going on, you can set boundaries that make a huge difference in life, even boundaries with yourself.