Uncertainty, How To Change That


As an intuitive and empath I pick stuff up through dreams, through songs suddenly coming to me that I know are coming from a particular person that I have a deep connection to, or I will just sense what is going on very strongly.

One person in particular a fellow artist I have picked up a lot of stuff on.  I understand that transition, change all of that is scary and expressing one’s thoughts, what is in one’s heart, spirit and soul is not easy, especially for men.  If you have never really been an open person, have always it all close to the chest, never been a heart on your sleeve type of person it is hard.  I sense there is uncertainty and hesitation, maybe fear of rejection.  One thing they can be sure of is they won’t be rejection not in regards to any creative collaboration, or in any way, only accepted and fully embraced into the fold.

Here is the thing, life is constantly in flux, the weather, society, things can not stay totally the same forever, growth can’t happen if it all stays in a tiny box forever.   Life never comes with guarantees either, and risks are a part of growing, so if one never takes risks, one never grows.  I understand there are fears maybe, questions, but the only way these things can be sorted out is by actually being with the person, knowing them, spending actual quality time with them, sharing activities that both can enjoy together, learn together, grow together, even creatively.  If the person resists change, is stubborn in revealing what is in their heart, spirit and soul to the other, including their concerns, uncertainties etc… then they will remain in the tiny box.  To come out of the box, overcome any fears, concerns etc..and enter a new and renewed life, it is important to go outside the comfort zone, to find the courage to express one’s self fully, even doubts. It’s okay to have doubts, be uncertain and express that to the other and spend time together, and see how it all plays out, where it goes.  It may go in the direction of deep lifelong friendship or something beyond that.  The only way to know, so long as both parties are truly free and clear to do so if you get my drift, anything is to speak up, invest the time, move heaven and earth if you have to to make the time, spend the time getting to know the other person, sharing with them what is important to you, to your life.  Then as you do that, any concerns etc.. will be addressed, can be worked out.  I hope that this very wonderful connection who has inspired me so much finds the courage to totally come out of the box and speak up in all areas of his life and fully express what is in his heart, spirit and soul, and that they understand the only way to be certain about anyone, even feelings about anyone is by spending time with that person, or on that project ect…

Shalom and Amen