Understanding Awareness

I wanted to share this with you and as usual add my own thoughts on it.    I always just thought of prayer as prayer and meditation as meditation, imagination as imagination and never really thought about types, levels and how it all connects to different levels of consciousness.  Understanding levels of imagination and all that is making a difference.  

Now, I am more conscious of my choices, more aware, seeking to be, not to the point of paranoia or over thinking, just aware.  In my meditating my wording is also more carefully crafted as I create meditation, even for myself.  I try to really instruct myself in my self created meditation that I am co-creating, and to make sure to place myself in a space that transcends the physical on all levels surrounded my positive energies, light, things of that nature, and that what is co-created in this realm is then birthed brilliantly, constructively, gratefully and humbly in the physical realm.  Understanding layers of life, self etc.. is important in all facets of life and living.   My journey in Jewish life, Judaism, and Kabbalah is teaching me this.