Understanding Life, Complex? Well….

The Journey That is Life.

Life is an amazing journey and understanding it, making sense of it, well that can be quite something.

Some people feel that to experience life they have to be involved in a million activities, connect to a million experiences, people places, the honeybee effect I call it, quite dizzying for others to watch and participate in.  Others feel that a lifetime of academics will do it so they have a lot of book smart, but when it comes to Holy Spirit guidance connection any of that and street life smart, nah, nothing, nada, zip.  How can we figure out what life is? One way is to look at nature and the weather, duh.  God was actually quite genius in giving seasons, the weather patterns, even if they are not always bearers of good tidings.  They are, along with the cycles of nature a perfect answer to how do you experience life and understand life.  There is a passage in Genesis when God first created the world and he sends down the angels report two different scenarios, one of all laughter, the other of all tears, and neither is suitable according to God, but the third a mix is.  The seasons are not static, neither are emotions, not supposed to be, neither is life.  The trees and flowers go through their cycles of dying and rebirth, so do we, so do our dreams.  

As for experiencing life, well if you revel in the fact that you are alive each day even if you might have aches pains whatever, and if you actually have not quantity of people in your life, very superficial, but raw deep connection quality of people, are doing what the Holy Spirit is calling you to do not others want you to do, your calling, see the wonder in nature even when it gets wonky.  Relationships, kids all of that is experiencing life.  Every time we step out the door is experiencing life.  Even just sitting outside and observing people, children play, observing and then writing a song, being inspired by that is experiencing life, and doing so with another that you connect with, flow with even more awesome experience.  Experiencing and understanding life isn’t about a lot of things, a lot of stimulus, not what it is about.  Another way to understand life for those of us in the Christian faith is I think the Psalms, Proverbs and New Testament in particular the Gospels and Acts and I don’t mean any of the crazy modern translations, a really good sound from the original Greek and Hebrew translation that doesn’t twist things to try and fit what society wants.  Even in Metaphysics, there can be found a good philosophical translation Bible such as the one from Unity that focuses on the philosophical and metaphysical spiritual perspective of the Bible.  Truly the Bible does if you have a good translation and common sense, understanding of boundaries, law and order, other core principles, interpret itself pretty much.  

Experiencing life is not supposed to leave you exhausted and neither is search for God, friendship, fellowship, knowledge  self, for any of this.  If it is, then a change of direction is in order.  These searches should be just the opposite, so if the search to experience and understand life is leaving you exhausted then you need to step back, do some soul searching, serious decluttering and streamlining, realize life can be understood without a heck of a lot of complication, and exhaustion.