Unhealthy Boundaries 1 and 2

Bouundary Signs

Telling all, trusting everyone, or trusting no one.  Sharing is in and of itself not a bad thing, but one needs to be discerning about what is shared with whom. Also, at times circumstances, profession might influence how much is shared.  There is also the consideration of how quickly do you share what information.  As a Lifestyle and Spiritual Tough Love Coach and Blogger, Poet and Songwriter, I tend to share a lot about myself and my life through my blog, my poetry, songs, even my twitter posts and interactions.  However, in personal interactions, I might be a bit more reserved, and might really pay attention to my intuition, something I continually in prayer and meditation hone and work to refine.   Being transparent, authentic is not a bad thing, but it is important to hone one’s intuition to discern what to share how, when and with whom.  Of course in certain professions, such as the arts, or if you are a public figure, then it is not always easy to keep your life private, though some have managed to do so quite well.  I share pretty much everything about my life and my views because I truly want to inspire others and I do believe that sometimes we need that tough love, that smack upside the head.  In regards to sharing with others about your life etc.., it’s important to know who you are sharing with, can you trust them with the sharing, especially if you are sharing painful events or memories from your life, even your hopes and dreams.  That’s why honing your intuition, making that divine connection to Source, God, Creator, Creator energy is important, helpful.

The Trust thing, that’s an area where I have struggled and likely why I am still single.  It stems from my dad leaving when I was a kid and my mom projecting her issues with distrust of men on to me.  What I have come to realize and this would apply to all situations, blind trust of everyone is not wise, but distrust of everyone is also not wise.  Blind trust of everyone is naive and when people sense that, they will be tempted unless they have very strong ethics and integrity to take advantage.  On the other hand, being paranoid that everyone is a crook or everyone is a liar, a cheat etc.. is a miserable way to live life, and you end up isolating yourself from mankind, even in a way from God because you then don’t even trust Him and that relationship suffers.  It’s important to find that balance of as Reagan said Trust, But Verify.  Give people the initial benefit of the doubt, but also see what their actions are, see what they do, and again hone that intuition so that something just feels off, doesn’t feel right, you can distance yourself, meditate on what you need to do, be observant to see what it is you are sensing that needs further investigation or if you need to cut ties, walk away, distance yourself.  It’s important to find that balance, and with intuition, observation one can.  Trust, but Verify.  Next blog I will discuss two healthy boundaries.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen