Unhealthy Boundaries 7 and 8

Bouundary Signs

We all have impulses, part of being human, impulse shopping, so impulse in and of itself is not a negative, as one can have the impulse to do good, and when in the right context etc.. it can have a positive outcome.  However, if we forget that our body is a scared temple, that houses our spirit, soul our full potential in these areas, our talents, we let ourselves be driven by first impulses, especially sexual ones, we put ourselves on the road to heartache, consequences that may not be all that great, including health risks.  It’s acting without control, that he/she can’t stop from doing whatever it is. It comes from the word “impulse”, which in this case could be a sudden burst of energy, desire, emotion, anger, etc.  It says we have little maturity and little self discipline.  Impulse is not the same as spontaneous, which is usually a creative and positive thing, bringing joy and peace into the life of a human.  One potentially and often will bring harm, chaos, negative feelings etc… to self and others, while spontaneity will do the opposite.  That’s a way to measure and discern the difference. 

In terms of being sexual, sexy all of that in any given moment, it’s important to be comfortable in your sexuality, but for you, to be sexy in a way that is positive, really is you, not in a way that is you trying to be what someone else wants you to be.  Also, to be sexual or sexy to attract attention, just for the sake of being sexy, or anything like that is being fake.  Sexy comes from your personality, not your body, not your cleavage, not real sexy, not whole package, want you around long term sexy.  When you think sexy or being sexually active, don’t do it for anyone else, to be what someone else wants, or society wants, or because society thinks you should be sexually active, or sexy in any particular way.  Think whole package sexy, personality, wisdom, and yeah being healthy and in good shape is not a bad thing, for yourself, for your own wellness, well being.  If you are okay, then others around you can be okay.  If they are not and try to push you to any sexual activity or particular brand of sexy, that includes so called friends, make it clear your body, your temple, your life, you are going to go for whole package sexy, naturally, organically, not artificially.  Show them that it’s not about the body alone, but the whole enchilada! 

Namaste, Shalom and Amen