Unhealthy Boundaries 7, 8

Personal Values, Moral and Ethical Boundaries are all important parts of who we are as persons in every sphere of life, they matter, should matter to us, as should our general human rights, rights as citizens.  All this matters, so when persons or even our own ego, emotions, personal ambitions get in the way of that, alarm bells should be going off and making us step back, go “wait a minute, something isn’t right” figure out how to deal with it constructively.  If I had stuck like glue to my personal values etc.., truly followed my calling I would be in full-time independent ministry and even artistic ministry as a path for coaching, teaching.  Relationship wise I would have probably found and come together with a solid long term partner, the man who was my “media naranja” as the Spanish say.  Sticking to those and also looking at facts at the same time matter, both need to work together.  When Pro-lifers look at science, at what is done to a baby in the womb and now latest abort the child even after birth, basically kill it, science says, wait a minute, it’s murder, it’s barbaric, can’t support that, science tells me I can’t.  Values etc.. also need to work with fact, with the reality of what is, tricky, but when we step back from situations and really look at the forest, not just the tree, we can.  This happens a lot with social media allowing people to follow us and reach out.  What can happen is that people will say what we want to hear, will present a persona that they think we will want to embrace and we “fall in love” with this online persona that has reached out to us, or in times of grief, someone reaches out, is very kind and we confuse gratitude with being in love. Emotions are a great thing, they show us we are alive, not dead inside.  However, discerning them and all that also matters for our sake and everyone’s.  When people reach out, let’s take it one step at a time, not rush and assume the feeling is “in love” right away, especially with online relationships.    Let’s be discerning in all things.