Universe Ganging Up On Me? No

Sometimes it's tough love from above so you can be free to move to a happier life, life circumstances.
Sometimes it’s tough love from above so you can be free to move to a happier life, life circumstances.

Sometimes we feel like the entire universe and all of the forces of the heavens might be ganging up on us and everyone down here also, pointing things out, sings to certain things,  prodding and  all that jazz, really God, universal forces really putting us in a cruncher in a do or die stuck where you are situation or similar.  We may even be torn inside as to what to embrace, what to release, and how.

We may thing that God, the universe etc… are being mean, pushy, trying to make us do things when we are not ready.  I have always been drawn to the poem in Ecclesiastes because there is a time for all things, literally, and metaphorically, and it’s not about anyone ganging up on anyone.  It’s about our growing, and our being guided via the heart and the spirit, by a higher Spirit to our truest, most perhaps authentic self, a life that is one where we are truly on the inside, which is what counts, vibrant, alive and filled with joy of life, for life, for living and so much more.  Sometimes, even perhaps more than we’d like God, the universe, has to get into tough love mode and will bring people, whatever tools are necessary to wake us up, as happened in my case, to be able to release and also to embrace.  As an empath, and intuitive, my journey in life, especially as regards connections to others is equivalent to a rose with lots of thorns at times. However I have learned so much from all of that, and learned to manage those gifts.  I got pushed out of my comfort zone a lot with that, a lot, but it was a growth experience and I am the better for it.  Much as it may feel like it, it’s not about the universe ganging up on anyone, sometimes it’s necessary tough love to get us to the place we ought to be in our personal life, in our career, every which way.  Rather than fight the heart, spirit and Spirit in following the path that we are so drawn to, so long as it is pure of unconditional love, in our heart and spirit prayerfully, wisely, constructively, firmly and with decisiveness, we will be able to walk through any storm.

Today’s society is all about insulating us from pain, from competition, from getting our tukkus kicked and having to get up and learn from having been knocked down and over, maybe several times in life.  That is not doing anyone any favors, certainly not this and future generations.  We must be allowed to fail, fail hard, fall on our behind, maybe several times. That does not mean the heavens or the earth is ganging up on you.  It means you have stuff to learn and you are not getting it the first time around, but you will at some point, hopefully.    Our society can not be one that coddles at all times as it weakens us as individuals and as a society, at home and globally.

Be willing to fall, to fail, to be hurt and learn from it, constructively, not destructively and make your life and that of others better for it.