Valentine, Connections That Never Die

Connections Are Real

There are connections made in life that transcend all time and space, that are remembered forever, not because of they were bad, hurtful or negative, but because they touched so deep, transformed to deeply, started you on the path to knowing yourself so much better, you are grateful.  They also may have taught you to let go, to let go in forgiveness, maybe not right away, maybe not immediately, but they did soon enough.   Even years later, they still are teaching you, you are still reminded of them in a song or a face.  Doesn’t mean you are fantasizing about coming together or anything like that, you may fully understand that is not going to happen, can’t happen, not because they are a terrible person or anything like that, for other reasons.  Still the connection is one that will be with you forever. There may be two or three such deep connections you make in life, but the first deep one is the deepest and is the one that will be the ghostly mist that follows you everywhere, not necessarily a bad thing if you have let go, forgiven and learned your lessons.  What does this have to do with Valentine Day? 

We can get awfully down about who is or isn’t in our life on this day, but rather than do that, why not have a celebration of the people who did come into your life, the joy they did bring you and the lessons they did teach you, even if you had to let go, walk away or they walked away.  Don’t do it in bitterness, do it in forgiveness and Agape love, do it in the spirit of the day, that’s personal growth, that’s Valentine Day.