Wait For the Close of One Chapter?

mourning us

When we have feelings for someone or when we want to embark on a new adventure, but have to close out another chapter, we might wonder if we have to wait for that to fully close or be resolved or should we move forward into the new chapter.  I guess that depends on how courageous and secure you are about resolution of that other chapter, your feelings etc…  

If one has solid faith that one chapter is coming to a close, will come to a close, and the other person has feelings, both do, or if the other project is rock solid, then I would say go forward, just go with faith, jump into the other project, while working fast and furious, and wise to tie up all loose ends on the other project.  If it is a relationship situation and you are legally closing out one chapter of your life, or anything like that and things are far along the process, or the other project is near its’ end and you have things in place, ideas etc.. to launch the other project, just jump in, deep breath, and jump in.  In terms of a relationship if you have strong feelings, you know the other person has feelings, just talk to them, tell them the situation, and let them be there for you as you tie up the loose ends, and you know what, they will love you for it, for letting them be there for you, letting them be the one you lean on during that time.  Let them be the sunshine in the midst of a cloud or two.  We have this notion of having to be methodical, all ducks have to be in a row all of that, and all the time to move forward, to express ourselves, well, not true.  I hope that if you have a situation where you are just about tying up loose ends and have someone or something you wish to embrace, you do so, not feel you have to wait for some perfect something.  Let in the new, even if not all the ducks are in a row just yet, meditate, and see if maybe, just maybe you can let the new in while finishing up old businesses.  You might just get a lot of sunshine in your life.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen