Want “Totally Safe”? Out of Luck

Letting Go Never Easy, But Necessary

A university recently sent a letter to incoming freshmen informing that that there will be on PC on their campus and thank goodness others are following their lead.  Even Alinsky worshiping Obama has said that campus PC and PC in general has gone amuk, though he himself has gone amuk by signing a bill allowing for the opt out of the Pledge of Allegiance, a staple of our nation’s core identity, and a crucial part of connecting youth etc.. to pride in the nation, culture and teaching core values.  Why is this move important by universities? In a nutshell, LIFE!!  

Life is like nature, life the weather.  Life has sun, rain, sleet, tornadoes etc.. Life has fuzzy bunnies, but also snakes with venom and you had better be able to be okay walking through life with every single one of them and not frigggin freak out at every encounter with them.  How the heck will you do that if education and parents, friends even, decide to coddle you with safe spaces and trigger codes, writing history to make anyone feel or look good?  Schools, colleges, universities, even where you work, are supposed to be, as are relationships, without violence or mean spirititedness, supposed to be a place where you get to grow as a person, as a professional in a constructive give and take, even with banter, debate, even passionate, varying views, passionately differing views, kick ass differing views, tough love differing views that make you think twice about your views, maybe even ten times over about them, really reflect, think, go out do some serious research, not take you teacher’s or professor’s or anyone’s particular word for it.  These situations are supposed to teach you about you, about life, others etc.., not make you into wusses, wimps, cry babies, whiners like BLM, Move On,  KKK, and even some fringe far out green movements,  people with no common sense, no real sense of direction, chaotic etc…You don’t have to like storms, lightening, snakes with venom etc.., but they exist, and you may well encounter them, so you had better toughen up and learn to face them with wit, common sense and whole lot of that stuff, be prepared to get sucker punched in life because you may very well get sucker punched and instead of whining moaning and groaning like a little baby, you had better be able to maturely deal with it, register it maturely and deal with it constructively, not be a big baby!  Education is supposed to be not about books and textual knowledge, but way beyond that, so much beyond that and academics have forgotten this, so have warped way out of touch with true feminism feminists who need a good smack upside the head ten times over.  

To those in education, to all those who realize that parenting, education etc… is about preparing those we truly care about for life and PC doesn’t do that, KUDOS and AMEN.  To everyone else, get a friggin thick skin, grow up, stop whining moaning and groaning.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen