“Warrior” Soul, Huh?


When one hears this phrase and one I have heard in reference to me, including as regards my faith and faith journey all kinds of stuff can come up.  What do I mean when I say a warrior soul?

My journey has brought me full circle to appreciate my love of Israel of the faith of my ancestors Catholicism and also realize politically etc… I lean more along the view of Evangelical Tea Party Protestants. At the same time I am not an overly religious person and often whether it’s to God, Christ any of the saints, most often I don’t use standard prayer,I just have meditative conversation, use visualization, but I do it every day.  I do it with firm faith that what I am putting forth in my prayers, making sure it is within the realms of optimistic realism and God’s sacred boundaries, will come to fruition!  That is one aspect of my “warrior soul”  Another aspect is that throughout my journey and as I explored where I was in the faith journey, I stood by the roots of what I felt was true the Christian core of faith and spirituality, those tenets of faith, God not as some impersonal inner thing, or just all of nature and creation, but a very personal being that took great care in creating everything, including laws of nature, gravity etc…Granted the RCC has gone more liberal and taken the Social Justice thing a bit too far as far as I am concerned, but the core I stand with.  When I stand with the core of the faith and the core of my Italian heritage  I won’t pick a fight, but I will stand firm and strong in defense of the faith, my heritage, and also an important part of that Israel.  My warrior soul is one that though can be as gentle and loving as most gentle breeze can also be as fierce in the battle to preserve and defend the core of who I am as the Archangel Michael.  Never is there any intent to harm, nor should there be, but there must be a strong compass point and you must be willing to, as loving a person as you are, to stand strong with your core.  Recently my Godmother told my mom she worried about me because I was too good a heart, I had not a conniving bone in me and the world being what it was she was worried.  My family knows I pretty much wear my heart, thoughts, feelings on my sleeve, but they fail to realize I have a warrior heart.  Yes I have that very sweet nurturing side, even yesterday if you would have seen me with a dear friend’s child I was very maternal, warm etc.., but when she was trying to put the crayons in her mouth, the protective mommy warrior soul came out and I firmly, very firm voice, a certain look, told her ‘No, crayons for coloring, not for eating” I took the crayon from her and then in gesture reinforced it.  The warrior soul needn’t be one that picks fights, seeks situations of conflict etc.., something like this is an example of a warrior soul, that protectiveness in this situation, and how it is handled.  When it comes to what I care about in terms of projects anything like that, anything related to my heritage and the faith, again, I will defend it, stand by it, flaws and all.  A warrior soul.

I am a warrior soul, but also with a great capacity to love, nurture all of that.  I will always be a warrior soul fighting for what means a lot to me, my heritage, my spiritual and artistic path.  Amen