Was It Beneficial To Ignore?

Ancient Bethlehem

As I think of the child in swaddling clothes, and as I think of the kids in my family at Christmas, their whole childhood and teen, just beginning teen, journey and my own, I think of the books that didn’t make it into the bible.  I think of the books that speak of the childhood of Jesus, of his relationship, in childhood, with Judas, of how he had to grow in stature, knowledge, favor with God, what that means.  These books would give us a glimpse of that. 

Did we and Jesus lose in those books not being shared with us?  I think, yes we did and so did Jesus.  Knowing that Jesus had a typical, kind of typical childhood, where he rebelled, had to reconcile His God side with the Human side, that inner journey and battle to balance, become the fullness of Messiah is something that could bring great comfort to parents and to all of us.  It gives me comfort knowing He in his humanity was less than perfect and had to learn to harness his gifts, divine powers, as we all have to learn to harness the gifts we have, though in our case it’s to not use them for bad.  In His case it was just keeping them under wraps until the right time, and as a kid in human form, sure that was not easy, especially when He saw kids being unjust etc… or adults.   It gives me comfort to know that I am not the only kid and teen who gave her mom acid reflux at times.  It also gives me comfort because it means that Jesus can understand all of me, not just the adult rebel me, but all of me, and so can the Father and Holy Spirit, the angels, all of the heavens.  To me the writings of the childhood of Jesus that the Church rejected I don’t reject, I look at them as a source of comfort, pity the Church doesn’t and has erased an entire chapter of the life of Jesus.  I don’t think any less of His deity knowing He had a rebellious childhood and teen streak, not in the least, it makes me love Him more, knowing he conquered it, was able to, with the help of the heavens, overcome that and become the Christos, Christ, Messiah, Savior of us all. 

Namaste, Shalom and Amen