We Don’t Have Education

mourning us

Education has gone to the graveyard and it went to the graveyard the minute the government took over, the minute the initials NFP came in to existence. The minute that happened, all semblance of life skills and education took a nose dive.  Why?

 First let me put forth what I see as education being.  Education is supposed to teach you certain life skills and practical education matters such as:  Public Speaking , Writing and Reading, Self Management, Networking and not just with those you like or agree with,  Mathematical Concepts, Science Concepts, Decision Making/Critical Thinking-like don’t stay out drinking till five if you have to get up at seven to go to work and have a major presentation that day, Relax all work and no play, bad for you BP, Basic Money Management, Context through Actual Factual NOT ReWritten History and Precedent, How to Fail and not whine like a big baby. Constitution-Bill of Rights-Federalism-Republic, Importance of Capitalism in a Free Society.  It is is to be a place where ideas are to be debated within the context these subjects, both conservative and more liberal, to allow for critical thinking of both sides of all issues without intimidation or safe spaces on either side.  It is meant to be a place to make men out of boys through very vigorous debate, study etc…  It is meant to also make women have a healthy balance between and appreciate both their femininity and also their intellect.  This is what I see as what education is at least for America a nation that came out of the yearning for Religious and Economic Freedom, for Capitalism, for Limited Government, for the Freedom to have inalienable rights given by God, not government not man of which government is only a steward of, not creator of, therefor has certain handcuffs on it, that can not must not ever be removed.  The founders know that if those handcuffs were ever removed and if there was not clear separation of the branches of government and if judges became activists, started legislating or bureaucratic agencies did so it would be doomsday and we see now it is just that for our nation.  If this is what education is, what is it not ever to be:

It is not ever to be a government cocoon of protection against any one ideology over another liberal over conservative, or vice versa.  It is not meant to be an indoctrination of any one particular view at the silencing by intimidation of another, or mocking of another.  It is not meant to be a place where social issues such as gay marriage, the LGBT lifestyle is shoved down children’s throats and parents are no longer parents because now the criteria and judgement for what is appropriate for one’s child to know and understand at what age is not longer in the hands of the parents but a bunch of nameless faceless bureaucrats who have the friggin gall to think, they know what anyone ought to be taught and at tax payer expense when public education and universities are subsidised by tax payer money.   It is not meant to be a place where a nation like Israel, the only democratic nation in the middle east is demonized and Jewish students harassed regularly to where to where they are afraid, and same for very devout Christian students on some campuses.  It is not meant to be a place for political recruitment only for the vigorous discussion of varying political ideas, that is all, where professors are neutral on all subjects at all times, and simply facilitate, nothing more and nothing less, sometimes asking provocative questions, only as a means to stimulate discussion, nothing more, nothing less.  For this reason and for our Constitution and Bill of Rights to be truly honored I pray for an end to all public education and only private free market education to exist.  Howe would we fund it?  

Not rocket science.  Overhaul every single government program to phase out all social services, put all of that in the hands of the churches, community groups, eliminate the NFP status treat church like a small business, put al tax rates low, use money ceased from all crime activity for road and infrastructure projects, something to this effect, have sliding scale for medical care, think outside the box, use online learning a lot and it can be done all at low cost.

 Namaste, Shalom and Amen