Seminars, Presentations!

Are you constantly hitting walls? Are there underlying patterns that are creating stumbling blocks that you may not even be aware of or are aware of? Do you appreciate your gifts and see how to apply them?  These and other question can be answered, wisdom gained in holistic awareness and grounding.  This sound appealing to you, then I hope to see you at our presentations, meditations and more as we grow. Remember any shift, transformation of the self, life comes from within you, as a Coach and Metaphysical Minister am a facilitator, walking with you on the journey, the process of healing.

Blog, Webinars, Seminars/Presentations, Meditations, E-books, Coaching, the spiritual aspect honored in the healing process, that is what you can expect from Katherine Appello trained in Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Holistic Metaphysical Ministry.