Wellness/Healthcare or Ponzi?


We are at a crossroads in our nation in so many ways and as someone who deals with Fibromyalgia, had to go on SSDI and all that entails, but also as I watch my mom deal with the craziness of her health insurance and discussions with others, I am realizing there is a difference between true capitalist wellness driven care and what the heck we have now, which is a legalized national ponzi scheme, massive both government and non government.

How the heck did we get here?  As usual with situation, it’s never just one thing that gets you anywhere, it’s a combo of things, including a monster called bureaucracy that grew, took on a life of its’ own, was meant to be temporary, but became permanent.  It was a growing population that could not be taken care of through barter and that kind of thing, so someone came up with this ponzi scheme called insurance and the government saw a way to make money with it through taxation, so they went along with it.  For any number of reasons, including We The People who have decided we want a government who is a nanny, mommy a caretaker 24/7 in everything, we have a whole bunch of stuff, lots of red tape, lots of regulations and these legalized ponzi schemes that can’t be forever sustained without hurting someone, or everyone.  Part of it is, we like having a government that is a mom, a nanny etc…, so we don’t have to take full, total responsibility for every single aspect of life, for whether we sink or swim 24/7, or be as an individual or even a local community our brother’s keeper.  Truth stings, but that is the truth if we are all truly honest with ourselves.  What would happen if we got rid of all the legalized ponzi schemes, broke up all the banks to create real community banks etc…, all that jazz, solid strong community banks, eliminated all non Constitutional agencies etc… in regards to healthcare, wellness care?  

Lower taxes, and  Innovation.  Why?  If we have most needs taken care of at the local community level, preventative programs offered by the faith community, the small businesses, and innovative programs are created to have people pool resources at the community level, have sliding scale payments, really think outside the box in terms of doctors, hospitals, prevention the main focus, why would we have insurance schemes in the first place?  We wouldn’t need them.  government and the corporate sector want us to believe that without these schemes Social Security etc… society can not survive.  Not true.  What we do require is for communities to teach right decision making, boundaries in one’s life, moral compass etc…innovative thinking all of that and then allow innovation to happen, and at the local level, allow for education, wellness, most sectors to be truly private and innovative sectors and when there is a need for assistance, help that person even with a disability, as in my case with fibormyalgia, chronic fatigue etc.. who has a gift for songwriting and coaching, guiding others to move from the work she was doing to the arts and coaching work while providing a stipend.  Let the assistance come strictly through the faith community and those kinds of venues, not government, have very low taxes, really get innovative.  What we have now is not healthy, not wellness, not insurance really, it’s a crap ponzi scheme that only serves the government to create dependency and voters, as well as the corporate sector, not the people and it has bankrupted hospitals, clinics, so it really has not helped the medical community in terms of business and profit at all.  We must change the whole system, get rid of insurance, of this and all legalized ponzi schemes and have local communities, faith communities, without evangelizing thank you very much and even the medical community itself be the ones providing for care, wellness etc.. to all, but with innovation, not with ponzi schemes.  Just my thoughts on this issue.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen