What A Warped Society We Weave

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The first story should make us all gag and do a exorcist like full head spin, going “WTH?!!!!!”  Imagine what a field day NAMBLA will have with this one and other pedophile groups! How the hell does kids playing with toys or play around mean they are gay, transgender etc..? How the hell do kids understand they are anything about sexuality as two year olds or even eight year olds? If they are molested over time and that is the sexual relation they are exposed to or have traumatic experiences with the opposite sex or antagonistic ones why might that not be why they are leaning a certain direction?  From a spiritual and physical world existing understanding, dark entity oppression and influence?  In our warped society, many would see no perversity in the first article, in the first worldview.  Yet, a statue of a man with a kind heart giving a hungry child a loaf of bread, that is deemed lewd etc..?  Drag queen TV that’s fine, teaching all kinds of LGBT lifestyle stuff to young, very young children, that’s progress, but teaching about solid boundaries of behavior, about traditional family, strong family, a strong community of faith, a creator of all things etc.., that’s being Nazi.  Debating all ideas in college, having a range of opinions expressed including Christian, can’t have that.  Someone like me, I would be enemy number one on college campus as a professor or a student because I would be open about my faith, my conservatism, my capitalism, make no apologies, even if it literally cost me my job and my degree.  I have to be true to self and He who created me, who gave me life and to a orderly and right order society.   These two articles are just one example of many contrasts I could give.