What are the Benefits

Usually if we are going to do any kind of regimen, we want to know what’s in it for us, what the benefit is of doing it, right?  Aromatherapy I find is beneficial, now mind you I am just starting to use it on a more regular basis.  I am finding that if I place a drop in my aroma therapy diffuser and air purifer,   small, fits on my table and that drop lasts several times over.  I reglarly clean it, make sure to do that.  At times when mom has gone to bed I will dim the lights, put some music on and let myself with meditation, music and that, relax and decompress.  In doing that, even if one can do that during the day, you reduce anxiety, which is a blessing.  Sleep and REM sleep are important and if you have fibromyalgia or stress going on, sleep can be elusive, so I find that if I use the aroma therapy diffuser and air purifier in one, meditate, have some awesome relaxing music before going to bed and then listen to meditation in bed I drift off and have better sleep, deeper sleep and with that comes a sharper mind, a bit of better memory.  I will discuss the others tomorrow.  

Stay tuned and God Bless

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