What Can Money Buy PII

Health is a precious gift, without it, all the money, prestige etc.. seems like a grain of sand really if you think about it.  Money can buy you a great health insurance plan, a room at the best clinic, hospital in the world, but it won’t necessarily buy you health or save your life and it can’t buy you spiritual health or true peace, not lasting peace, not peace in any storm.  You can’t go into a store and buy it off a shelf in pill form.  It can buy you top notch medical treatment, but not necessarily health and well being.  Fun, yeah, hey fun in the sun, weekends at the casino, lose your shirt, indulgences galore, yeah money can buy all that and more, but can it buy lasting happiness, real true authentic happiness?  Can you go to the supermarket and buy lasting, even in times of turbulence, happiness, appreciation and gravitate for what you do have happiness?  I don’t think so.  What about true sincere, from the heart friendship?  There’s a song that says money can’t buy you love, and it can’t, nor can it buy you friendship, maybe fake friendship, friendship based on selfish interests, but through thick and thin, from the heart friendship, no.  If you want to delude yourself and buy friendship, be my guest, knock yourself out.  Same goes for obience and faithfulness, because there is a difference.  Think marriage, if someone is with someone out of pure obligation or because of financial interest or fear, they will obey in a sense, be very complaint, but is that faithfulness out of love and joy for being in that relationship?  No it’s not.  In any relationship, when you are with someone out fear, strictly duty and obligation you don’t have faithfulness out of love and true caring, only obidience, that’s very different.  What about home?  Home is not about the physical location, or structure, what consitutes a home is all about the people, the relationships, the sharing, it’s multi-layered.  We can be at home in the park with a group of friends and family on a Sunday picnic, yet the four wall structure we rent or own be barely lived in someplace we just dump our stuff when we come home after a long day and just sleep there, no real connection to the neighborhood, nothing.  House and home are two different things, hopefully at some point in life we find what is home, community, the whole nine yards as they say.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen