What Can Money Buy?

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Before I even talk about this, I want to talk about a Bible quote people get wrong a lot, which is that “Money is the Root of All Evil”.  No, money like a knife, a fork, a firearm is just a tool, like our mouth, our tongue, or even medication.  Money itself is not evil, the means by which we acquire it, the level of worship we give to it, that is where the evil is found, but money itself can create jobs by creating businesses, feed the hungry etc.., so not evil.  Now let’s look at this list.

Money can buy you a bed, but it won’t buy you rest if you have been getting your money through ill gains and are worried about being found out, or if you lack faith and are always waiting for the other shoe to drop and something to go wrong to mess up your life.  Yeah, money can buy you the best sleep number bed around, but a real deep REM sleep if you are ill, if you are filled with worry etc…, no amount of money will buy you a restful, deep sleep.  Time, no, not if you don’t know how to manage your time to be efficient and balance, work, family, social life etc.., you can buy 10 of the finest clocks for your home and office, but if you lack the discipline, are living a pie in the sky existence, no reality check ever on what is possible in the moment, no self discipline, no amount of clocks is going to help you, your sunk, you’re gonna sink fast buddy!  Books, you can have a library full of books, but a moral compass, ethics, integrity, decency etc.., no no amount of book learning will teach you that not really, that has to come from the heart, spirit, soul being deeply connected to Source, to the Creator, to something greater than just me, me, me and what I want all the time.  I know some are not thrilled with organized religion, so at least learn about this laws to live by https://lawsoftheuniverse.weebly.com/12-immutable-universal-laws.html and next month I will have a  series of articles on these laws and the wheel of life, that’s the plan.  Common sense, critical thinking, morals, ethics all that, books can only teach you the mechanics, but living it, applying it to day tot day life, books can’t give you that, only community with those who live faith, integrity, ethics etc.. can give you that, not talking a particular religious group, at least the immutable laws in this link I am giving you.  What about position, prestige?  Sure, you can bribe and buy your way or sleep your way to the top, but what value do you have if you do?  Where is your value as a person, what is the value of your gifts, talents if you do?  Not very much or on a very high scale, doesn’t say much for your faith in your abilities to achieve based on who you are as a person etc.., so why would you?  

Life in this journey with fibromyalgia has really taught me a lot, forced me to re-evaluate a lot and think about priorities etc.. and when I came across this pin, boy did it resonate with what life has been teaching me.  I hope you can also gain wisdom from what I share. Please consider making monthly donation to support this blog.  I would love to provide meditations, full length and more, but for that this blog needs your monthly support of whatever amount you can give, thank you.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen


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