What Constitutes the Spiritual Self?

When someone says spiritual self, the spirit what does the mean?  For those who believe we are more than just an accident on earth, even the non occultist Kabbalist who accept evolution as how it all came to be, there is a clear understanding that there are several planes of existence, that includes the spiritual, that which connects us to the Creator.  That part of us, that includes our thoughts, feelings, all of that transcends time and space, which is why when a child is in trouble, often the parent will feel it, sense it and spouses also, even twins.  The spiritual self is seat of emotions, experiences, lessons learned, and character, of overall consciousness and it can not die, only return to the Creator when the physical life has ended.  Why is this important? Why is understanding the nature of duality, good and evil, perception of what is good and evil important? In part because life is all about perception.  One of my concerns about reuniting with a particular individual and rebuilding a relationship is our differences in perception of stuff, political and maybe other areas as well.  The only way it will work is if I keep in mind that we are all spiritual beings, children of the Creator, of Source and in not all things, but some, it does at the end of the day come down to perception.  I have to keep in mind that what shaped, influenced their spirit, their spiritual experiences of life, emotional experiences are not the same as mine, nor is their overall personality, and such same as mine.  All these things have to be kept in mind not only about them, but also about myself.  Each of us sees the world often through the sense of life experiences.  Two people can in their adulthood witness the same event, but because of how they lived their youth, childhood, because of their very different experiences and that of their families view it very differently, feel differently, react differently.  The spirit when nourished has a sense of justice, truth of boundaries, and more, but even that can differ person to person, in terms of what is justice, what does that mean? What of compassion and empathy, all that?  How is all of that to be expressed, lived, applied that is constructive to others and self, not destructive?  All these things are what the spirit experiences, and thus often why we have a roller coaster of emotions at times, because the spirit is trying to sort all that out, in conjunction with or in spite of the facts, the statistics the mind, soul is presenting to it.  The spirit is the body of self that opens up to the creative flow of things, to unconditional love of another.  Our biology alone can’t do that, no matter what any academic or science geek says.  It takes a spiritual nourishing and opening for that.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen