What Crisis Tell Us About US

The Journey That is Life.


Some will say that “suffering” or crisis is God’s way of bringing us closer to him, that he uses it as a way of bringing us closer to him or to bring us to him.  No, he can just as easily use the beauty of nature and other things for that.  What does crisis or any such thing do, bring about or show, even us? A few things.

It shows us where our trust and faith does stand, and if we have any faith, hope, a positive thought pattern, personality etc…  It will show if we are the type of person that truly does see the glass as half empty or half full.  Do we have faith in our spiritual path, traditions etc… when the rubber meets the road?  Do we have an understanding of the fact that nature has these complexities of positive and negative, dark and light, that all are subject to either at any time, and it’s not about whether we are in the light or the dark, but whether we navigate it with faith, confidence that matters?  That’s one thing it shows us.  It also shows us whether we are able to learn from the experience anything at all, come together with others, or whether we turn away, become angry bitter people because we think we are privileged due to our particular faith group or our faith level that nothing should touch us? It tells us and others whether we have a holier than thou, this should not happen to me or my family attitude.  Frankly, why shouldn’t stuff happen to any of us?  Granted some is not within our control such as weather, and illness, but even within that and blame etc… serves no purpose, but if we disregard medical care instruction or if we live in areas with propensity to flood etc.. and we do not take certain precautions, well none to wise, so for us to then get all bitter angry etc.. because this or that happened to us and someone else is okay, that really shows an ugly side to us, doesn’t it?  Crisis also shows us how mature we are?  Do we fall apart, become paralyzed, get impulsive do stuff without thinking at all and get into one mess after another? If we do, then crisis is showing us how immature we are and that maybe we need to do some self examination and some growing up?  Crisis can also show us who is with us and who isn’t, who we can count on emotionally, who is mature enough to be with us in crisis and who isn’t.  It can also show us how much we know and don’t know, were aware of and not aware of about what the heck was going on.  Maybe we need to be more aware of stuff going on related to our lives, society etc…?  It can bring out gifts in you, you never even realized you had, creative, leadership skills. Amazing what a crisis can bring out.

While crisis is not fun, it can teach us a lot, can be a real learning curve.  I know firbromyalgia has been that for me, so in a way I am grateful for it.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen