What Did Paul Mean?

The Holy Spirit is promoting me today to speak on this, so when I get promoted to bog on something or write a poem etc.. I do it.  

Often the apostle Paul is seen as anti woman due to certain passages in the NT, and one of the ones that HS drew my attention to is the one where he says to the women that are in church to be quiet and if they have question wait to ask your husband or male relative at home.  On the surface that seems anti woman, like he is saying women should shut up and not have a voice in the church.  However, that is not how I understand it. Why?  I have observed stuff in church and women during Mass.  Let’s see where Paul might, was probably at with this.  The Church was in the infant stage, so things were still being sorted out, so we have to keep that in mind.  In addition, women at that time did not study as men did, so they might not have been as literate as the men in the church.  Also what may have been going on is that the women were interrupting the Service asking questions of the men or of each other.  They may have even been gossiping, chatting during Services and Paul may have received complaints about that, about these things, so his response was basically that women should keep silent and prayerful during service and if they had questions or were not sure of something wait till they got home and ask their spouse, father etc.., or one of the female deacons in their famly who was at Services about what they didn’t understand.  I have seen it at Mass, where women chatter and gossip, or if they are new to the faith, will interrupt their partner who is praying etc.. to ask what is going on and it can be distracting to others sitting nearby.  When we read passages that seem to be anti-woman by Paul, well maybe not really and we need to take another look.  Namaste, Shalom and Amen