What Do I Want?

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

It only took me 50 friggin years of life to kinda figure out, not bad huh?  Well actually, no I had figured it out sooner, but in bits and pieces, but putting the whole picture together was not easy.  Here goes, what I want, my authentic life vision.  

Let’s start with the person I want to share the journey with.  I would like it to be someone who can open up, can really be open heart, spirit, soul to me and I to him.  It would be someone who would cherish me holistically for who I am the sweet and the spice, and whom I would cherish, fidelity to each other without question.  The chemistry would be mutually awesome, and there would be lots of creative inspiration mutually we would inspire in each other.  Hopefully, we would be able to do creative projects together, and they would support my love of Judaism and work with Hadassah, as well as there being a love of Italian culture, appreciation of it, a love of Israel, an understanding of how important that is as the Covenant child.  He could accept the Fibromyalgia and some of the restrictions it might create for me at times, and the annoyances it brings.  There would be so much chemistry, love, creative flow etc… that it wouldn’t matter.  The spiritual journey Jewish, Christian, would be one we would make together as a spiritual one with meaning on many levels of respect.  I am a spiritual person, not really religious, but I believe faith is important in life and am very drawn to the faith of Yeshua.  I hope to have a partner in life, love, the arts, so many ways to share the rest of my life and journey with.  

My Vocation and spiritual path, what of that?  I love music, being a lighthouse, telling it like I see it, any aspect of the arts, and inspiring.  Therefor, seems to me that being an artist writing songs, recording, meditations also, prayer with reflections on those prayers, presenting pieces that will inspire and share reflections to consider.  My spiritual path, well I was raised Catholic, but as far back as I could recall I have been drawn to Judaism, and as far back as I could remember a staunch defender of Israel.  I see no reason to change that path.  I see no reason to change doing what I am doing as I feel very good about it, or in being sweet and spice, even intuitive, metaphysical.  This is who I am.  This is my path and I will honor it, and I will honor also the beauty of my heritage because there is beauty in my Italian-Catholic heritage, which I will respect, still be a part of, including as a member of the Sons and Daughters of Italy.  Living the faith of Yeshua is also a great blessing, as is being a part of Hadassah.  It is all a beautiful thing.