What Do The Ladies Need?



The last time I gave a link on what men needed from women, and of course these are general needs that psychologists and others have determined each of the sexes needs in a relationship to feel valued etc..  Recently I had someone from my past come knocking and I wasn’t sure if old patterns would be repeated, but I wanted to have an open mind, heart about it, so when they said they wanted to talk said they would call the next day at Noon, I said okay.  That call never came, and there was no message to say, sorry, wasn’t up to talking, something.   I could have done what often women do and think there is something wrong with me, but no.  What that said to me was that I was not being valued as a person, as a woman, in any way, and I was not going to take on guilt etc.. for his bad behavior.  When we are not acting in a healthy and honorable way, we should admit it, but we should never take on guilt for someone else’s lack of consideration or bad behavior, that is on them and them alone.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen