What Do You When Talent, Gifts & Ideas Dismissed?

Letting Go Never Easy, But Necessary

When the Holy Spirit gives you a vision for something, truly is from the Holy Spirit, you want to see it implemented of course, and when you see the venue right in front of you for it to be able to be implemented, it’s great.

However, what you may not count on is others interference and that leading others to doubt your abilities, your gifts and talents or others just not being courageous or whatever enough to implement what the Spirit has shared with you to share with them.  For any any number of reasons, due any number of ways of sabotage, the ideas shared are dismissed, pushed to a side, and your gifts, talents, not seen or dismissed.  If the other party is a butterfly and honeybee pollinating a million and one things, not focused, not helpful to the project which has boundless potential ever being a real success, or really taking off.  What do you do?  You go through all stages sad, angry, bargain with God to intervene etc…. and if nothing changes within a very short immediate window, though the hart is sad and though you may have to also leave friendships behind, including ones that had potential to blossom you have to move on.

I can see the potential of a certain venue and a project that has begun there blossoming into a full arts program for the church, and the Holy Spirit has blessed me with ideas, also original poetry, and songs.  I hope to to find the right home to  go to with the vision the Holy Spirit has given me for this arts ministry of poetry, song, literature reading, visual arts and theater that is faith based and spiritual secular, the goal being to share, preserve the Catholic and Mediterranean European Culture, all those values.   I also have to find the right partner, someone who is going to be focused, very focused on this, put their creative artistic philanthropy energies into this, for this to succeed and prosper, so the faith community prospers and we also earn our daily bread so to speak.   Any project, ministry etc.. has to have to have a core entity, goal something, that’s key.  Also,  unless you have the right people to appreciate what the Holy Spirit has shared with you and all your gifts, talents, you may as well be offering your vision etc.. do a brick wall or something like that because they won’t ever be able to appreciate any of it.  I tend to wear my heart, ideas etc… on my sleeve and share openly what the Holy Spirit gives me with those I connect with, but perhaps that is a mistake and one I need to correct for the future.  Perhaps I need to pray after receiving a vision, a stirring for the right people, partners and then when they come along then share the ideas with those people, so there is no sabotage etc.. and the vision can get implemented smoothly, efficiently and without delay.  A lesson perhaps I needed to learn.