What Does God Promise?

God's Promises.jpg

When we are wondering what God is there for, what he is doing for us, and what promises he has made in regards to us, our lives, thare are some core ones that we can look to.  Often people will look to God and aim for the material success and all that.  If we look at God’s core teachings and promises, the main things he seeks to give us is salvation of the soul, peace, clarity, discernment and wisdom.  Why, why peace, clarity, discernment and wisdom?  Well, look around around, take a good look around and even at ourselves, yours truly included.  If each of us truly does that on a consistent basis, nto to beat ourselves up, since that is counter productive, but to really take an honest look at humanity, we see a lot of stupid, a lot of rebellion against God and a whole lot of stupid going on.  If God can provide the path, way and wisdom to avoid a whole lot of rebel and stupid then of course He will and He does, called good parenting.  Also good parenting is that there are consequences for violating boundaries and house rules, just common sense.  God promises mercy, when he is sought out and remorse is truly present.  

Whenever you are wondering what good is God, what can I count on with him blah blah blah, try and remember these promises, always.

Shalom and Amen