What Does It Mean To Let Go

Inspiration Peace and Love

We often hear that you need to let go, especially when it comes to relationships that went south, sour had a sad etc.. ending, broke your heart and all that.  What does that mean? 

As I said the Holy Spirit has been having me do a lot of reflection this Lenten season and this is a question that has come up in my spirit, my soul.  I thought about a relationship that has haunted for though it is not a part of my life anymore, not in the sense of they are in my day to day life, or that I see them etc..  Yet as I said in a previous post, memories you can’t run away from, and so memories are there always.  When I say I have let go, what does that mean?  Does it mean I have no memory of them, don’t know what they look like, or would not recognize them if I saw them in the street?  No, of course not.  Here is what it does mean.  I don’t blame, resent or any of that.  I am able to look at it all, even the not so great stuff with detachment and realize it takes two to tango, and two to make a mess of things.  Both of us messed up for different reason, but I can stand back now and say that he was not the villian and that it was all on him that things got messed up.  That’s big deal, to be able to step back and say that my insecurities played a part in things going all wonky, along with one or two other factors, but not the main point.  Main point is the letting go and what that means, this being a part of it.  What is the other part of it?  I can see their face on social media, and a comment they made, something they posted, be pissed about the content, hit back hard, but at the same time smile and laugh about it, thinking, whatever, just them being them.  Then I can also think, what would I do if I were walking along one day and came face to face with them? What if they said they wanted to go to lunch, what then?  I can honestly say I could go to lunch, sit in the park with them and hear them out, have an open heart conversation and go from there no bitterness, nothing like that.  Any negative feelings, attachments etc….that is what I have let go of, and that means I have been able to step back and see that I can’t make them the villain in this, nor can they do it to me, both of us messed up, have to take responsibility, forgive each other and ourselves.  Letting go to me anyway means this, not sure what it means to others, but this is what it means to me.