What Fear Means

Fear Meanings

As I look at this I see two societies in our culture of oday, the first meaning with today’s youth and millennials in a number of ways, coddled by schools, parents, society, given the role of victim, taught to be victims, where everything is trauma, offence etc…  Campuses places where only one point of view can be presented and debated or “therapy rooms” are needed, where comedians fear to go, anyone who is not ALT Left fears to go.  I see a secular and even faith segment of the world that loves to victimize everyone, and clamors social justice at every turn, to the point of endangering souls for eternity, not at all preparing anyone for life, for living or dealing with life.  Then there is the second meaning, in that one I see a segment of society that is fierce in their seeking to face problems head on, no running, no victim status, understanding we all fall short of the glory of God, are not perfect, we error, but determined to move through and past all fears, obstacles constructively, in constructive, mature ways that honor boundaries, even moral boundaries, even if at times they stumble and fall.  They will speak truth, will engage in debate, even fierce debate, are not afraid of it.  They are aware that life is not fair, so what, you don’t run into a corner and boo hoo poor me every time. 

Fear is perfectly normal in life, different levels of it, but it’s how interact with it, manage it, whether you let it control you, or faith, reasoning, constructive action control you,   That’s what matters and that’s not to say you don’t have or show pain, but you don’t let the pain become who you are, don’t see victimhood, yours at every corner, live it constantly, making your life and society’s chaos.  That is definition number one of fear and frankly dumb as dumbells.  Decide which definition are you, are you going to be and how are you going to make changes to be that definition, hopefully the second one.  If you have to give something up and move on from some stuff, well don’t wallow and whine a million years about it, do it, be constructive, be empathetic all that, but do it, don’t wallow, pout, make everyone miserable, create misery, chaos all around you forever and ever.