What Gets in the Way?

Thomas Jefferson Predicts

USA Precepts of Christian Faith

A lot has been swept under the rug and a lot done in the name of National Security, and for the welfare of the people.  Both parties have done it, but it seems the DNC makes a friggin habit out of it and as the Party veers more and more Left, as Academia shows more and more contempt for the non elite, we see what Jefferson predicted unfolding right before our eyes.  We see it with the rise of the ignorant lost souls such as Ocasio Cortez, a truly lost soul, but that loss of soul etc..poses a danger to the Republic, not the person, the ideology, the mindset, the Disneyland give away everything, including the kitchen sink as the saying used to be.  What we the population give back to the nation and to the world in return? What will they contribute in sweat, blood and tears, not necessarily literally, but as close to it as you can get metaphorically?  A multitude of sins are being covered up, rights in the Bill of Rights destroyed in the name of equality, feel good for all, government swooping in and playing nanny, mommy and daddy, community, leaders of ethics, integrity, truth in the community nowhere to be found.  What else did the founders predict that we are seeing come to pass?  

Only for A Moral and Religious People

On the surface this might seem bigoted, but what was he saying? If you look at academia, the DNC, even some so called Conservatives, what Antifa and some are calling for, what is going on in the USA, you see a rejection of the Bill of Rights, business owners being sued for honoring their conscience, their Constitutional Rights. You see a hatred of our Constitution, our Capitalist Republic, the Anthem, the Flag, this rejection of what we are as a nation, what we were created to be, and it’s getting more and more vicious this hatred, this rejection. Pretty soon we will go down Germany’s road of put any gender you want on a birth certificate.  Excuse me, but no government does not decide biology or gender, God, nature do, based on anatomy, if there is a deviance, a dysphoria whatever, you treat the problem.  John Adams and others knew that if there wasn’t a true scriptural understanding of the framework of the Bill of Rights, it would be eroded, people would seek to destroy it.  We see that right openly happening.  The Founders didn’t create the Republic out of thin air, they referenced what they knew including scripture, and give us, if we were to follow it a near perfect form of governance. 

What gets in the way? in any nation you can have the most wise, fair, scripturally etc.. based laws, statutes, but you still have to contend with one thing, humanity, human behavior, human viewpoints that differ with God’s, with each other’s, humanity, each other, life issues, emotions all of which can derail any and all good intentions of even of even the best laws.  The founders understood that if you had no sacred boundaries, no understanding of the Republic, the sources for founding it, and didn’t honor the structure etc.. of the Republic based on scriptural basis of governance, discipline etc…the Republic would cease to exist.  Pity we don’t have that same understanding.   OY!