What Has Been Going On?

Quite a Bit, which is why I have not been online for a while.  Missed me?

Let’s start with the arts:  I have been working on some stuff and I put out a few songs and signed on with an indie promoter.  You can check those out at http://www.50djs50states.com/albums/katherine-appello/

I am hoping to work on the next few songs in the next few weeks and put those out.

My political activity.  I have been active with Convention of States  Project and am their Media Liaison  http://www.cosaction.com/?recruiter_id=1655971    because I believe that our government is out of control and we need to do something, this includes closing loopholes in the Constitution.  The Convention would not write a new Constitution, simply re-ratify the current one, and close any loopholes and strengthen the current one.  I hope especially my fellow new yorkers will join me in this good fight for our nation.  In addition to this, I am also a member of Hadassah and will be working on seeing how we can help stop human trafficking, and will be organizing a Know Your Worth seminar as well.

I have been a busy bee, though the Fibromyalgia has not made it easy and I do have to pace myself and can not do as much as I would like to do, but I do what I can.  Some days the pain, even with the medication and the periodic homeopathic shots for my knees, neck, hips and back, is still there, but I do my best.

That is what has been going on.