What Has Letting Go Meant To Me


Letting Go -Been Awesome

As I re-visted Genesis I and II and from a really artistic, creative, spiritual and metaphysical literal, not literalistic point of view, really prayed and meditated with no specific outcome agenda, really surrendering to IMAGO DEI and Divine Will, Divine Wisdom within not only my greater good but all greater good and the greater good of my artistic vocational path, there has been a really good shift.

I am feeling a lot calmer and clearer about the kind of art I wish to do and the kind of music I wish to do and genre of music I want to bring back, help bring back, what types of projects I wish to work on.  It has been a long and hard road to put the ego into the ashes to not choose the Tree of Good and Evil, but to each day seek to choose the Tree of Life and Divine Choices and Wisdom.  Even in my art, I want to convey that, and want to go on retreats periodically what that can be brought out, where I can get into nature photography and help people to see how we should work to balance business and preserving nature, the beauty of nature, how to reclaim Eden constructively, help find a way to be good stewards of Divinity and Spirituality, of IMAGO DEI and honoring that from Conception to Natural Death and everything in between as people and artists, artists as representatives, as ambassadors of that.

This Wednesday I will be starting my monthly Open Mic event and also attending art  gallery openings and such as of next month (that’s the plan) to expand my artistic horizons and I hope in 2015 to start going on artistic and spiritual retreats, get into photography, so I will adding that to my artistic repertoire.    If I hadn’t found my way to this place of release, letting go, of total surrender to the divine, to IMAGO DEI and true understanding of it, I wouldn’t be where I am.  It has been a journey of releasing my ego as much as possible, and still celebrating the gifts the Creator of all, Elohim, has given me and will expand in me as I do surrender my ego fully and my base instincts, for holy and sacred wisdom and instincts, even in the most important connection of my heart, that has been one heck of a roller coaster ride and I have had to let go of, but feel will come full circle in joy for everyone’s greater good.  I have let go of the relationship and all expectation of outcome and surrendered it all to Divine Will and Wisdom, worked out all issues on the Metaphysical and Spiritual plane, without any ego left, was able to let it all go.  What happens next with this and my art is all in a context of calm, inspiration and surrender to the divine, still with planning to some extent, but not ego planning, big difference.

Shalom and Amen