What Holds Me Back












I’d like to honor my heritage and I love my Italian heritage, and for Italians, many if not most, Catholicism is a part of that.  The pageantry is beautiful and they will give biblical reasons, as they have interpreted them, for their theology.   However, certain scriptures, and in Galatians and elsewhere it says to not follow traditions of men, that means morally, and also in the realm of faith.  God keeps it simple, and though we are too resist from sin and that is not an easy task, with the New Covenant, the fulfillment of the promises and covenants of God.   I also have had prophetic experiences, and the Catholic Church does not embrace that or gift of tongues in modern times.   Though Catholicism is part of the Italian heritage, and though they may take things from the bible, it doesn’t mean I conclude they are biblical.  I have to live my conscience, the path God calls me to.  One thing he is calling me to is the Prophetic Ministry.  Being prophetic, a prophetic minister means you stand strong in proclaiming the Gospel, sin, horrors, consequences of sin, and the beauty of the offering of redemption.  I’ve fought God on this path He has given me for what seems forever, and life has not gone well.  Prophets may be hated etc.., but are necessary for the conscience of a nation, well being of a nation, etc…  Though it is challenging to be called to such a ministry, it is also exciting.  We shall see where this goes.