What Is A Relationship About?

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As I read this I realized this is something I had not really been able to do, not fully, part of it has to do with being an intuitive and picking stuff up about people at times immediately upon seeing them and believe me it can get very awkward, especially if you are picking up on behavior etc… that is less than honorable they are engaging in or negative emotions they are feeling.  I realize now that if I am going to ask God to bring me a life partner and companion, even if it is a soulmate, there will be differences, natural that there will be differences, hopefully not major ones, not major worldview ones.  If I think that I am only going to have similarities, no differences, not realistic is it, not really.  I have to appreciate the similarities, but also will have to appreciate what we can learn from the differences.  There will be something we can teach each other, without even trying, from those differences.  This is an important foundation as is both romantic and agape love, the kind Jesus had for all of humanity.  May we all learn this very important lesson, hopefully sooner rather than later and have relationships that are full of dignity, respect and beauty, not perfect because that doesn’t exist, but real and a great journey made. 

Shalom and Amen

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