What Is Coming Up In This Coaching Hub

yin and yang


What can you expect to see coming? Good question? I think so.  One thing I am working on is getting my ZOHO CRM integrated with this blog, so that I can streamline everything in one place. The goal is to integrate it all into one, so I can host meetings everything on this blog platform.  That’s the goal and I have someone working on this.  Fingers crossed and a prayer or two that they integrate it all and well. 

The first thing I will be offering is a November webinar to celebrate achievements, what was learned about the self in that journey and what intentions/commitments are going to be set for the New Year.  The goal for me is offer at least one seminar per month in both English and Spanish, giving two dates per seminar, two for the English speaking and two for the Spanish speaking.  On the youtube I am also going to offer material in Italian, so I have two meditation I have recorded in English and Spanish, now will record in Italian.  My niche as I gain more experience, will be relationship and spiritual coaching.  That’s the goal, focus on those two, and relationship encompasses all relationships even with self, even looking at what patterns have we been moving in and what we might have to change to really have solid relationships, even with our own self. I also hope to have four live seminars per year, and next year a mini holiday concert and celebration for those who have made the journey with me in the hub.That is what is going on in this coaching hub.  Once I have everything integrated and all set for registration and payment for the webinars it will be posted and you will I hope join me on the journey.

Shalom and Amen